I-Boost Initiative

I-Boost Initiative
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THe I-Boost Initiative is an Entrepreneural Empowerment Programme for SMEs. It is geared towards having a comprehensive database of virtually all businesses in Nigeria for ease of service or product accessibility – Nigeria Business Directory. This also helps to boost the online visibility of all SMEs. On BCON Directory, all SMEs have an online product/service page, where you can upload up to 100 pictures/products and customers can reach you directly on your page.

We do digital marketing on a daily basis for all SMEs listed in our directory. Our digital marketing reaches to millions of potential customers weekly.

Our Affiliate Programme affords all entrepreneurs the opportunity to raise capital/funds to finance their businesses.

No. Of CyclesAmount
1 CycleN30,000
2 CyclesN60,000
3 Cycles N90,000
4 CyclesN120,000
5 CyclesN150,000
6 CyclesN180,000
7 CyclesN210,000

You can run more than one account to increase your earnings, e.g For a subscriber that signs up for two accounts which is N10,000, will earn N60,000 at first pay-out instead while a subscriber that signs up for one account which is N5,000, will earn N30,000 at first pay-out.

No. Of AccountsSubscription Amount

How To Get Listed In The Business Directory /Join The Affiliate Programme:

  1. Log into our website and click on Business Directory
  2. Fill the Directory Form and your business details will be automatically published with three(3) day free plan within which you are expected to make payment of N5,000 for your listing [Visit How To Pay] OR N3,500 if you are not signing up for the Affiliate Programme. This runs for a duration of six(6) months before you can optionally renew
  3. Click on Affiliate Area
  4. Click on Registration if you are not yet an Affiliate
  5. Your Affiliate Link will automatically be generated for you and username and password sent to your registered email address.
  6. You can always log in to your Affiliate dashboard to monitor your account
  7. Refer five(5) entrepreneurs to log into our website and list their businesses using your Affiliate link.Automatically N5,000 will be credited to your dashboard which can be withdrawn when your five(5)referrals make their payments.
  8. Your five(5) referrals also refer five(5) entrepreneurs each via their Affiliate Links , they make payments and we credit your account with N25,000, to make a total of N30,000 for the cycle
  9. This cycle can be repeated as many times as you want cash-out. JUST SMILE TO THE BANK AS YOUR BANK ALERTS ROLL IN
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